Friday, June 7, 2013

Your First Guitar

This post and several more in the future will include tips for aspiring guitarists. If you've never played guitar before and you'd like to, then this is for you. Also if you play a little guitar and you'd like to get better, them i encourage you to stick around because very soon I will also be giving tips for intermediate guitarists. Perhaps one day I will even include more advanced techniques and tips.

In some cases beginners don't own a guitar but simply borrow one from a friend. I strongly suggest that you own your own guitar, even if it's a junker. You can find used guitars on eBay, Craigslist, and at garage sales for very cheap and a first guitar does not at all need to anything special. The reason that it's important to own a guitar is that you can play as much as you want whenever you want and the more that you practice the better you will become and much faster.

I recommend an acoustic guitar for first time players, there are several reasons: First, an acoustic guitar is cheaper so you will be able to get one without breaking the bank, and if you decide that you aren't terribly interested in the guitar after all then its not much of a loss. Secondly, an acoustic guitar will have a higher action than an electric guitar, what this means is the the strings are higher off the neck than on an electric guitar. The reason that this is good is because it will increase finger strength, and even thought it will be more difficult your playing ability will increase faster. Thirdly, when playing the acoustic guitar your mistakes are more audible, this can be frustrating but it will improve your ear and you will be more aware of how well you are playing.

If you decide that you'd rather buy an electric guitar all I can say is i that you'll prolly expect more of yourself when you play, you'll prolly spend more money, and your more likely to quit. However I still encourage you to stick with it and make sure you play your new guitar/amp/effects before you buy them. Even if its not great just so long as you like it then your set. Whether buying acoustic or electric play it, read reviews if possible, and don't get something for looks.

My very first guitar was when I was prolly about eight or nine. It was a 3/4 size nylon string Epiphone. I loved that guitar and one of my young cousins still has it today. After a while of frustration with a cruel and uninterested guitar teacher I quite and didn't return until I was about thirteen years old. Then I borrowed my sisters guitar that she was borrowing from her friend. I started teaching myself chords and within a couple months I started taking
lessons from a guy at my church. After just a few weeks my grandparents decided to buy me my first "real" guitar. I played my teachers Fender Stratocastor and decided that I wanted an electric. I went to guitar center and looked at guitar after guitar and eventually happened upon an Epiphone Les Paul studio. As soon as I set it in my lap I was sold. It felt so good in my lap and it was all white with chrome hardware. All that to say this; find something that you love whether its acoustic or electric buy something that you like to look at but more than that like to play.

Next time we'll talk about how to start playing guitar. If you have any questions about buying a guitar or gear whether its your first or one that you plan on keeping for the rest of your life leave me something in the comment section and ill do my best to get back to you right away. I'd also love to hear about your first guitar and how you came across it.